"“St Peter’s is a wonderful school… The whole school is like a family in which everyone looks after one another” "

St Christopher (Year 6)

CLASS TEACHER – Mrs J Eaves & Mrs K Thomas 

SUPPORT STAFF- Mrs S Coone & Mrs S Donohue

Saint Christopher

Born – Unknown
Feast Day – 25th July





Year 6 Welcome Meeting 2020-21

Parents Guide to Accelerated Reader

Student introduction to AR – Primary


Year 6 Assessment Leaflet



Year 6 have the busiest curriculum of all, on this page you will find everything that you need to know to bring yourself up to speed with your child’s learning in their final year at Primary School before they make the transition into the Secondary phase of their education.

Year 6 is a great time to develop and improve upon the skills that have been acquired in other years through the school. We aim to embed our understanding of key themes in all subjects and broaden our learning.  This is done in a fun way whereby the children enjoy all lessons and actively engage in them.

Throughout the year we study Victorian life (using Street Child by Berlie Doherty as a stimulus) and focus on all aspects of this important historical time, incorporating writing, history and art within this theme. We then move onto topics about rainforests and castles, incorporating appropriate learning trips and experiences where possible. These cross curricular topics are completed at the same time as White Rose maths (with the aim of achieving mastery within topics) and focused science and French lessons with specialist teachers.

Each week we participate in energetic PE sessions including invasion and non invasion sports as well as dance, gymnastics and outdoor adventure activities over the course of the year.
In addition to building academic knowledge, we hope that Year 6 will be a time of preparation for the adventures and new challenges that will take place in secondary school. With this in mind, pupils undertake community cop card challenges, PSHE topics and a residential trip to Kingswood which challenges and inspires the children and is great fun!

It is amazing year that the children look back on with real fondness and wonderful memories!
Year Six 20-21 topic sheet Autumn Term

RE Parents Letter Summer 2021

Year 5 and 6 Statutory Spellings Word Map

Year 6 Differentiated Word Maps

Growth Mindset parent information

50 Science Things To Do Before 11 3/4

Band 6 Maths-number

Band 6 Maths- all other

Band 6- Reading

Band 6- Writing

Band 6 Science

Child Friendly Remote Learning Handout



Below you will find a list of the clubs that are available to the Year 6 students that take place throughout each week on the school grounds. A full club listing can be found here.

Breakfast Club – 7:45am – 8:45am
After School Club – 3:15pm – 6pm daily

Marlow Afterschool Club are our current pre and after school care providers who are located on the St Peter’s School grounds, for more information regarding their fees and services please contact them on 07814275437 or masc32@hotmail.co.uk


School Clubs for ALL Year 6 Pupils

MON – 
WED –  Sewing 3:20-4:20pm (£)
THUR – Football 3:30-4:30pm (Free)

Kingswood – (£) Each Year Class 6 students are given the opportunity to go off of site for one whole week as a class, usually Monday through to Friday and during term time where they experience the most memorable adventure with St Peter’s staff at an amazing facility.
Information detailing these plans will be distributed at the start of the year.

Key – (£) = Fee payable / (Free) = No Fee payable
If not specified you will need to clarify with the club direct