"“Pupils are happy, well behaved and friendly…They benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum which includes numerous opportunities for pupils to develop their learning in an exciting way” "

Our School Day

School Opening and Closing Times

The school day starts at 8.45am 

Morning session: 8.45 am – 12.00 pm. Afternoon session: 1.00pm – 3.15 pm – Rec, Y1 & Y2

Morning session 8.45 am – 12.15 pm. Afternoon session: 1.15pm – 3.15 pm - Key Stage 2

Punctuality is important as late arrivals miss the start of lessons and disrupt the learning of the rest of the class. However, if children are unavoidably late, they should go to the office to ensure that they are registered. No responsibility can be accepted for children arriving on the school premises before 8.40 am or remaining after 3.30 pm unless attending an official activity supervised by a member of staff or other responsible adult.