Star of the week


Reception    Malachy for trying really hard with his Maths work

Year 1           Vicente for excellent effort with his writing

Year 2          All of Year 2  for getting much better at listening

Year 3          Maddie for some super independent work in all subjects

Year 4          Jack for great enthusiasm on our trip to the Veralamium

Year 5          Olivia for going the extra mile

Year 6          Ivan for improvements made in writing and vocabulary



Good Disciple Award

Reception  Lotti for sitting and listening beautifully during Mass

Year 1          Emilia for always having a great attitude to everything she does

Year 2          Laia for making a super effort to follow all the school rules

Year 3          Holly for always being very helpful in class

Year 4          Alexandre  for a being a good friend to a fellow class member

Year 5          Freya for being an amazing friend

Year 6          Nathan for always following the school rules



Reception   Elizabeth for making excellent progress with her reading and writing last term

Year 1          Aditi for a very positive attitude

Year 2          Harvey for always working hard with a smile

Year 3          Shyla for putting her best efforts into her work

Year 4          Patrick  for his enthusiasm in school. He gives 100% in every lesson and has made super progress

Year 5          Callum for amazing attitude to school. Someone we all love having in the class

Year 6         Eva for a wonderful attitude to learning; her perseverance and resilience through year 6, especially during the SATs, is an inspiration to children and adults alike.