Star of the week


Reception    Ruth for trying really hard with her phonics

Year 1          Zach for always trying his best and working hard

Year 2         Noah for making a huge improvement with changing for P.E.

Year 3         Anvi for writing an interesting report on sports

Year 4         Isabelle for working so hard to improve her Literacy work

Year 5         Isabel for amazing work in Maths

Year 6         Mara for being resilient



Good Disciple Award

Reception    Luke for always following school rules

Year 1          Eva for perseverance during Assembly rehearsals

Year 2         Thomas for making extra effort to tidy up his table

Year 3         Felix for being an encouraging Eco Representative in Year 3

Year 4          Ethan for being such a good role model for the class

Year 5          Sophia for an increasingly mature attitude and kindness in class

Year 6          So for saying thank you



Reception   Maya for excellent resilience and hard work

Year 1          Eva for good effort in all areas

Year 2         Daisy for always trying hard

Year 3         Archie for improvement in all areas and positive attitudes

Year 4        Emily for combining wonderful manners and behaviour with a determined attitude

Year 5        Beatriz for resilience and effort

Year 6        Keira for improvement in all areas