Star of the week


Reception    Jack for excellent adding during the Maths challenge

Year 1           Emilia for excellent enthusiasm in her learning

Year 2          Archie for always following instructions

Year 3          Ruby for some descriptive language in her Pirate Adventure

Year 4          Sophia for making such wonderful progress with her swimming

Year 5          Isabel for fantastic contribution in class

Year 6          Molly for great writing



Good Disciple Award

Reception    Marley for looking after her friend when she was  feeling sad

Year 1          Charlie for remembering his manners

Year 2          Oliver for offering to help others

Year 3          Grace for having a happy week and being a reliable member of the School Council

Year 4          Tobias  for super effort in all his work about the hierarchy of the Catholic church

Year 5          Freya for teaching us all about a wonderful charity

Year 6          Thea for wonderful manners



Reception   Isla-Rose for putting full effort into everything she does

Year 1          Nadia for improving in self-confidence and working hard to develop further

Year 2          Nicholas for being an enthusiastic learner every day

Year 3          Chiara for applying herself fully to all activities and relishing a challenge

Year 4          Lucas  for his enthusiasm and 100% effort. He is a positive role model

Year 5          Daniel for his excellent attitude to learning

Year 6          Hamish for outstanding effort put into school life and learning