Star of the week



Year 1          Tamia for giving fantastic thoughtful answers

Year 2          Aarav for making a FANTASTIC start at St Peter’s

Year 3          Elliott for working hard especially in Maths

Year 4          Madison for  a positive and determined attitude at the beginning of term

Year 5          Rosemary for going beyond expectations in Maths

Year 6          Emily for having a go at everything and taking risks



Good Disciple Award


Year 1          Oliver for being kind and helpful at all times

Year 2          Amara for putting her best into everything and bringing a lovely smile with it

Year 3          Maria for supporting a new child in Year 3 as her buddy.

Year 4          Lola for a beautiful piece of work about her family tree

Year 5          Amara for setting an excellent example to her peers

Year 6          Isabelle for being a great partner, polite and kind all week



Reception   Luke for his resilience, always smiling and participating in everything and never complaining

Year 1          Daisy for being so helpful all the time and trying hard

Year 2         Sophie for making super progress this term and always having a smile

Year 3          Lola for being a quiet, reliable member of the class, who has shown great resilience and  determination to succeed

Year 4          Freya for outstanding effort in all she does. She tries her best in all lessons and, through her attitude, is making super progress. Her work is really developing and she is a pleasure to teach. We are proud of her

Year 5          Sara for outstanding progress particularly in her writing

Year 6         Lucas for being so self motivated; he has worked so hard at home this term (as well as at school), reading lots, revising well and completing homework tasks to an excellent standard.